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What is this oh no it’s another secret blog? Who is being interviewed this week, hmm I wonder? Hey guys it’s nick I’m back with my second blog of pokestaff secrets. Were I interviewed our lovely staff this week we have a really special guest this week. Our very own poke master Addison Akihiko. What does she have to say let’s find out about this week’s interview..
What made you want to do this job?

I wanted to be MoM aka PokeMaster not just because it's Pokemon and I have an infinity for it, ok kind of but allow me to explain. I always joked and wondered what it'd be like if there was a Pokemon Site and now that there is, it's wonderful and this job is not easy at times but you move forward. My job is to make this site flourish but also help my staff no matter their duties or color and I feel I'm doing just fine in this huge role of mine.
What are some things you like to do in your free time?

When I do happen to get free time, you could find me either spending time with my husband, or our Pokemon but if you ask me it's probably both since we usually have a busy schedule so some downtime for just us and our family is the kind of free time I look forward to..
If there was one thing you would want to see on WoPM in the future?

Hmm the future, well not only to see our wonderful community grow more than it already has been would be wonderful! It is awesome already the way it is and everyone is great but new faces are always lovely to see.
What is one thing that makes you unique?

Oh that's a good question, I may have said this before in another interview I had previously but even then many people don't know, I am actually left-handed which means when I write I write with my left hand, there are not many people who can but of course, I'm one of the millions that do.
If you were a pokemon which pokemon you want to be?

If I were to be biased I would totally say Electivire since I had him when he was a wee Elekid, but I remember myself, Ryder, and a few others had this conversation before and Ryder said I would be a great Lopunny, and honestly, I agree I mean have you seen that Pokemon in action? She's so fierce but a pretty sight to see, so I will have to say I would love to be a Lopunny if I absolutely had the chance to do so.

thanks, everyone for Reading this interview love you all from Nick Jones


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