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Theo's Top 5 Hobbies on WoPM

Before starting this article, I should warn you all that attempting some of the described actions can result in injury, so don't attempt anything in bolded words. Moving on now, welcome to Theo's Top 5 Hobbies on WoPM! (Also, it's my first blog as Pokemedia Coordinator, yay???)

1. Profile Stalking: Starting off our list, we have profile stalking! Stalking users profiles is not only an easy way to get to know someone, but it's also very interesting to read about everyone, their hobbies, personalities, and their overall history!

2. Topic: Now..no one likes writing- espescially me. I have terrible grammar so I completely understand, but partaking in topics can not only help you level up, but it can also help you grow your character by meeting and interacting with others, it can even help develop their personalities and how they socalize.

3. Bother Addison the Pokemaster: Now..this could definitely result in getting yelled at..not really sure if that's only for me, but don't say I didn't warn you. Bothering Addison might be one of the best hobbies there is, between yelling at her and arguing with no actual meaning is definitely one of the many thrills of this site and by far, my favorite.

4. Buying a ton of pets: Sadly, I'm broke, so I couldn't really do this the way I wanted, but World of Pocket Monsters offers some pretty cool pets so this is what you: you'll find a pet or many that you like and buy a LOT of them...like a lot because, you can level up from cuddling pets AND if you have VIP you can name the little things! Besides, pets are just cute, duh.

5. Admiring Theo: So..I am a legend, duh. Which is why here on World of Pocket Monsters, you should admire me including my profile, spamming my mails, and overall talking to me because I personally see myself as a very fun man and you shouldn't all experience WoPM without me! Did I mention I'm awesome, if not, I'm awesome, duh.

Sadly, you've made it to the end. The Pokemedia team is hiring so be sure to send in your application right now, no excuses! If you apply and make the team, you'll recieve a gift from me as well! The application is below and on the Pokemedia club page!
written by Theodore North

Open Positions

Grad Positions

Professor of Survival, Forest Types, Battle, Geography, Home Economics, Healing, and Pokemon History

Student Positions

Lots of Assistant Professors
Security for Valor, Instinct, and Mystic
Carnivale Team
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Team Points

1st Place: Instinct - 265 Points
2nd Place: Valor - 146 Points
3rd Place: Mystic - 93 Points
4th Place: Harmony - 83 Points

Pokemedia Application


- Be atleast 13 years old IRL

- Have the creativity and ability to create blogs to be posted

- Able to work professionally in a group

- Have discord or able to communicate with me and the rest of the team


- Your name and IRL age

- A bit about yourself and why you should be hired

- An example blog and social media post

- Optional: An idea for a blog competition

- A funny meme, because Theo likes memes.

When finished please send your application to Theodore North with the title 'Your Name - Pokemedia Team'. Good luck and any questions about the team can be brought to me!