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Hi everyone, its Me YUN WINTERS again and I'm here with my Poem Corner again YEYY. for those who are new this is a Poem Corner where I read some of my poems that can be about Love, Darkness, Joy, and everything! You can even send in some if you want me to read one of your Poems and be in Yun's Poem Corner. Today's its ablout missing and living and dream i hope you like them. now time to start!




To Live

To live is a wonderful feeling.

To live is what makes us alive.

Having Pokémon makes us stronger.

To have to accept for others

Having Reccpet is a gift.

To accept is a set to live.

To feel good is to accept something super difficult.

To miss someone.

Grandma, I miss you every day.

My dog Thor I can still hear your paws on the floor and I think it's you who's there.

Zimon. I miss wearing you in the evenings. my beloved cat you are my whole world I miss you so much

The End

Thank you so much everyone for reading this Blog. I hope you all have a nice Day, Evening, and night and I will see you next time.

Do not forget that if you want everyone to get a chance to read your Poem if you have any, send it to me, Yun Winters with the title "Yun's Poem Corner" Thank you very much everyone!



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Yun Winters

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