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Adèle the Cottonee
3rd April, 2024
League Card
pic Cottonee is a white, circular Pokémon, who has white, puffy sections on the top of its head and its underside. It is a green, star-shaped section similar to the area where a plant connects to its produce on the behind. It has orange, oval-shaped eyes, and furled, notched leaves on the sides of its body. Cottonee is usually blown around by the wind because of its lightweight composition but there is a circumstance in which it cannot be blown by the wind, when it has been soaked by the rain, which weighs it down and makes it soggy. Cottonee will stay under a tree until it dries, so that it may be blown by the wind again.
National Number:
Base Exp:
Cotton Puff Pokémon

0.3 m (1′00″)
0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)
Prankster, Infiltrator, Chlorophyll
During mating season, Cottonee blow in the wind in large groups. The cotton of Cottonee can be used as a defensive mechanism; when threatened, it will expel cotton as a distraction so that it may escape. The lost cotton will grow back quickly. The Pokémon's cotton is used to manufacture top-quality pillows and beds that are soft, puffy, light, and airy. When Cottonee's cotton is weaved together with Eldegoss's cotton, it makes a cloth that is popular with many luxury brands.

Adèle the Cottonee was caught by Kinsley when the little trainer was thirteen years old. Kinsley has always dreamed of becoming the best Competitor out there and loves training with her Pokémon, Adèle being Kinsley's favourite. The definition of shy and introverted, Adèle doesn't really mingle with people, but that doesn't stop her from being really competitivein battles and showing her real moves.

Strenghts of Cottonee
A Cottonee is strong against the following types of Pokémon:


Weaknesses of Cottonee
A Cottonee is weak against the following types of Pokémon:


Moves Learned by Cottonee
A Cottonee has the following Pokémon moves:

Fairy Wind
Leech Speed
Stun Spore
Mega Drain
Cotton Spore
Razor Leaf
Poison Powder
Giga Drain
Helping Hand
Energy Ball
Cotton Guard
Sunny Day
Solar Beam

pfp Kinsley and Adèle have travelled far from Unnova, their region of origin and encountered many Trainers and their Pokémon and other stray Pokémon whom Kinsley has tried to catch, and succeeded in catching some of them. Kinsley and Adèle have many amazing memories together, but Kinsley lovingly recalls a rainy day as their favourite bonding memory.

It was their first rain together and Kinsley was unaware that getting wet would cause Adèle to not be able to float about. They were outside, with Kinsley assuming that Adèle was following but when she turned around after a while, Adèle was nowhere to be seen. Kinsley panicked before wracking her brain and put two and two together, figuring out that her cotton had gotten wet and she must be somewhere away from the water. Adèle was taking shelter under a tree at that moment, waiting for the rain to stop to go find Kinsley.

Adèle and Kinsley were quickly united and then proceeded to go home together to dry off and change for their next battle, feeling closer than ever to each other. Their next few battles went more smoothly as Adèle bonded more with her Trainer. The Cottonee had passed many battles in her life which were easy, but one battle came which wasn't, although it did take her to better levels. Adèle's hardest battle was against Poachers who were trying to destroy the forests near their home. Kinsley led a team of trainers against them, vowing to protect their land and emerged victorius after defeating the vicious Pokémon of the Poachers.

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