World of Pocket Monsters
Inside the Pokédex
9th April, 2024
What is Pokédex?
pfp Hello guys and welcome to an edition of I have way too much time to follow people around. I had the pleasure of following around Adelaide Ainsworth today, much to her displeasure because she didn't like people? Like what, I am so fun. Anyway, I had to do some research on the Pokédex and since she's a member of the team, I thought it best to bug her. So like the amazing person I am, I went to record the day two hours late, hey stuff happens, get off my back. Adelaide was annoyed by the wait but some explanations, begging worked and we were off to see the day at the Pokédex.

Now I know some of you will ask why I did not go to Zhang Arvina, the League Coordinator of the Pokédex, and the answer to the question is, I am scared of her. I know, I know she does not look scary but hey get off my back, I am scared of some people and she is one of them.

My first question to Adelaide was what is the Pokédex, because it's something I hear a lot but am so confused about what exactly is it? She laughed at me for a full five minutes before she said, “The Pokédex is an electronic device which was created and designed to catalogue and provide information regarding the various species of Pokémon. We here at the Townships work hard to keep the Pokédex updated for the ease of the Trainers.” You heard it here folks, it's a device to keep you updated!

Pokédex Perks
Did you know that being part of the Pokédex Team provided you with the following perks?

Organizational Package: You can create folders in your Travel Bag and PokeMessages and also sort items in your Travel Bag. Isn't that convenient?!
Relations Package: You can create relations and see who visited/stalked your wall, sort your friends. Well Stalkers, careful, you're not anonymous anymore.
Hurry Up Package: You get faster pokebio approvals because guess whose name got bumped to the top, faster homework grading which is great. Saving time is amazing, isn't it!
Ad Free Package: It's time to get rid of all those ads which annoy the heck out of you so you can enjoy the site with those pesky things.
Pokédex Review
My next question to Adelaide was why should someone apply to be a part of the Pokédex Team. She looked at me again like I had grown two heads, I am starting to feel conscious here. Just for that I am not going to paraphrase, here's what she had to say about the work environment, “The Pokédex is not a workplace in my opinion, it's a home. Zhang is so nice to all of us, always taking charge and fighting for us. It's always a party because we have fun while working together and opinions matter. We all have the time of fricking this was paraphrased lives when we work and party together.”

Well it seems like joining the Pokédex team is like joining a party, let's go and do this then!!

Pokédex Application
pfp Requirements
Be at least 13 years old IRL.
Be fluent in English and have good grammar skills.
Have the time to write at least one book per month.
Be able to stay organized with your work and keep track of deadlines.
Have a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS coding.
Have a backstory of 50 words.

Your WoPM site name (first and last)
Your IRL age
The names of your other accounts on WoPM and WoX sites.
Tell me about yourself! (Hobbies, interests, whatever!)
Tell me about your Strengths and weaknesses -- please elaborate on them as well; why are they so?
Why should I hire you?
Two (2) ideas of books you would like to add to the library
One (1) example book (completed or a snippet); at least 250 words long.

Send your completed application to Zhang Arvina with the title Pokédex Application - [Name].